Where to Buy Premium Hybrid Weed Online in Canada?

The best hybrid strains combine the most enjoyable features of their indica and sativa genetic heritage. A good hybrid delivers a superb quality high which may often appeal to a broader range of cannabis users than either a pure indica or pure sativa. Where and how to buy premium hybrid weed online

Cannabis seed companies find that hybrid strains remain hugely popular with growers. Some home growers and many large legal licensed cannabis producers are repeat growers and love the effects, yields and quality from the best hybrid strains.

Many cannabis users prefer hybrid strains because they carry the best features of indica and sativa varieties. Grow the best feminised hybrid seeds and you will enjoy a powerful cerebral effect alongside total body relaxation. It’s an unbeatably pleasurable experience. The best hybrid strains combine all the necessary elements for a deliciously enjoyable cannabis experience. Stress relief combines with euphoria, a strong body stone and complete bliss for the mind and body.  Perhaps it’s the combination of the best sativa and indica effects which allow hybrid strains to appeal to such a wide spectrum of cannabis lovers.

The key ingredients of top-quality hybrid strains

One important quality possessed by a good indica-sativa hybrid strain is heterosis. This is more commonly known as hybrid vigour, or occasionally it is referred to as ‘outbreeding enhancement’ by professional cannabis breeders. It is a property found when two sufficiently genetically different varieties of cannabis are crossed, or hybridised. 

The result is greater growth vigour, or heterosis, than either parent. Heterosis is one reason why many people that grow their own feminised cannabis seeds, or autoflower seeds, love to grow the best hybrid strains. They grow quickly and with good quality genetics it’s difficult to beat cannabis seeds from the best hybrid strains.

What makes a given cannabis strain unique?

Recent advances in the understanding of the human endo cannabinoid system has shed some interesting light on the way we view our experience of cannabinoids such as THC, CBD etc. The human endo cannabinoid system, which allows cannabinoids to be absorbed/used, has only been studied since the 1990’s. The medical world is only just beginning to understand cannabinoid medicine after decades of misplaced prohibition stifled much meaningful research.

Not only does our own unique endo cannabinoid system control the way that cannabinoids are used, it may also affect the way we each feel the effects of cannabis on our mind and body. So, one person’s experience from smoking a strong indica may be somewhat different to another person. That’s the first important consideration when looking at favourite cannabis strains. One person’s preferred strain may be quite different to another person.

This is something that cannabis seed companies have been aware of for many years. When new cannabis strains are stabilised by a seedbank they usually conduct a ‘smoke test’ with a range of experienced smokers. Some will prefer indicas, others sativa, others hybrids. Some prefer a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio for a less intense high as a daytime smoke. Other cannabis lovers demand the highest THC levels and only grow extremely high THC seeds. Sometimes a good way to quickly assess the comparative smoke quality of various strains is to collect a few bud samples from different strains and evaluate them over a few days, making careful notes about the effects.

When evaluating a new variety a seed company will often find that some growers, but rarely all, will give a variety top marks. So far as cannabis is concerned, we all have our own personal attributes and qualities which we rate differently. Your favourite strain is quite likely to be different to that of someone else. But why is that? What specifically is it that really attracts you to certain strains?

Hybrid categories

Hybrid marijuana is made by combining Indica and Sativa strains. Nowadays, marijuana strains available on the market are not always pure Sativa or pure Indica. Hybrid marijuana strains possess characteristics of the dominant parent with fewer features of the secondary variety. 

Here are the three basic categories of hybrids:

  • Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strains

Sativa dominant hybrids have features similar to Sativa strains that produce a cerebral high when consumed. Sativa hybrid strains provide balance to the physical and mental state easily. In particular, Sour Diesel is an example of a Sativa dominant hybrid.

  • Indica Dominant Hybrids

Indica Dominant Hybrids produce the same effects to that of pure Indica strains. They are usually used for treating full-body pain and insomnia with its body and head-high attributes. Some popular examples of Indica dominant Hybrids include Blackberry Kush, Kosher Kush, and Skywalker Og.

  • Even Hybrids

Even Hybrids strains of cannabis plants also called 50/50 hybrids are equally created using the Indicas and Sativas in the same ratio. These strains are perfect mixtures that affect the mind and body that customize the experience for the user. Some of the Even Hybrids you can find are Purple Diesel and Silver Haze.

What are the effects of Hybrid Marijuana?

The hybrid marijuana genetics determines the effects people will experience once they consume this type of cannabis strain. Sativa dominant hybrid strains are more likely to cause uplifting effect, while Indica dominant strains may induce a relaxing feel to a person.

Differentiating Sativa from Indica only gives us a partial picture of a cannabis strain’s effects. That is why it is also crucial to know the ratio of THC and CBD contents of the marijuana product. These different attributes of cannabis play a huge role as to how a hybrid strain works in the human body. Having the right knowledge of these factors can help cannabis consumers choose an ideal strain for them. However, even if you have all this information handy the best way still to figure out the effects of a hybrid strain in your body is to use it starting with a small amount and consume slowly. 

Hybrid marijuana strains provide its users with the best of both worlds. Choosing hybrid marijuana can accommodate the different preferences of its consumers. It also gives growers more freedom to choose crops that work well for their growing space and harvesting needs.

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